Sunday, January 20, 2013

Managing Your Network Marketing Leads

 You  will need to generate your OWN leads for your business that are "fresh"and Targeted. "Targeted Leads" simple means that your email lists of prospects are already interested in what you are promoting. In doing this you take away some of the frustration of not knowing if that list you bought is "fresh" or not.

Your system must generate 90-99% accurate, targeted leads.
These are people who are willing to partner with you and your online business because you offer them a solution for their problems.
Aweber is the number one Email list management software.
 Email your list on a regular basic but not before 9:00am or after 7:00pm.

If you wish to become successful, you must have quality information and  a large email list. This will ensure that your List trusts you because you give them something of value. Your Business will continue to prosper 24/7 on auto-pilot. This will require hard work and dedication.

To Your Success,
Phillip Jones

Finding Targeted Leads For Your Business

If you want to find people who are interested in buying what you have
to offer, you will have to have a good Lead Generating System.
Your lead capture system can give your prospects the option to join your mailing list. You must first build a relationship with your prospects after they join your list.

This gives them the opportunity of keeping up with your offers.
Always strive to give value to your list, something that they can use in their everyday business.

Article Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing and making use of Business Cards and Flyers will help drive traffic to your Website. They will be more likely to give out their Name, Email and Phone number and share with others if your content is educational and useful.

Sending out Free eBooks, Free Leads Software, Downloadable material and Reports that can solve some type of problem, is a great way to establish your credibility.

To Your Success,
Phillip Jones